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Environmental organizations ask Fisheries Ministers to introduce emergency measures for the Baltic cod

Last week, a letter was sent to the Fisheries Ministers of EU around the Baltic Sea. In the letter, several environmental organizations, including BalticSea2020, ask the ministers to introduce emergency measures to try to save the eastern Baltic cod.

The situation for the Baltic cod is more critical now than ever before. The results from the latest Baltic International Trawl Surveys have resulted in the Baltic Sea Advisory Council to call on BALTFISH Member States and the Commission to take the matter seriously: “All possible measures must be explored in establishing an emergency plan for eastern Baltic cod.” (see Conclusions and recommendations from the BSAC Executive Committee theme meeting on eastern Baltic cod). 
On 5th April the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) published its eastern Baltic cod benchmark report which indicates that the stock is facing increased natural mortality, reduced growth and reduced reproductive capacity resulting in an impaired recruitment.

Read the letter to the Fisheries Ministers of EU here.