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Commission proposes Baltic Sea fishing opportunities for 2019

The Commission's proposal for fishing opportunities on cod in the Baltic Sea 2019 was published on Friday 31th of August. For the eastern Baltic cod stock, of which BalticSea2020 has been deeply involved with, the Commission's proposal is inadequate.

The Commission proposes a decrease from the previous year, from 28,000 tonnes to approx. 24,000 tonnes, which is far above what the scientific advice from the International Council on the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) has recommended. ICES catch advice for the eastern Baltic cod stock was 16,600 tonnes.

For the western Baltic Sea cod stock the Commission's proposal for 2019 is 7,300 tonnes (previous year's advice was 5,500 tonnes), which is in line with ICES advice.

The Baltic Sea cod, especially the eastern stock, is in need of powerful measures to be rescued. Therefore, the Commission's proposal is inadequate.

You can read more about the Commission´s proposal on Baltic Sea fishing opportunities 2019 here.