Permanent phosphorus binding in Baltic Sea bottom sediments

Author: Sven Blomqvist & Eva Björkman
Year published: 2014

Original title: Permanent inaktivering av fosfor i Östersjöns bottensediment

In the project "Permanent phosphorus binding in Baltic Sea bottom sediments” Sven Blomqvist, senior lecturer at the Department of Ecology and Environmental botany at Stockholm University, has investigated whether lime-based byproducts from lime and concrete industry effectively can bind phosphorus on a long term basis in the anoxic environment present in the bottom sediment of the Baltic Sea.

The aim has been to identify a product that is cheap to produce, based on byproducts, and without negative side effects for the environment. The results indicate that marl in combination with byproducts could successfully work.

The project began in October 2011 and will finish in June 2014 and is funded by BalticSea2020. The report is a compilation of results produced from June 2012 to September 2013.

Number of pages: 11

Click here to download the report. The report is in Swedish.