Collecting ghost nets in the Baltic Sea

Author: Marek Szulc, PhD, Eng, WWF Poland
Year published: 2013

The pilot project titled “Collecting ghost nets in the Baltic Sea implemented in Poland in 2011 demonstrated beyond any doubt the need to continue the undertaking and to extend its spatial scope to include the waters of other Baltic region countries. In 2012 Lithuania joined the efforts to remove ghost nets from the Baltic Sea.

In summer 2012, actions at sea were carried out, involving retrieving nets from the sea bottom and removing them from shipwrecks. In addition to these activities, an interactive map of “hooks” in the Baltic Sea was created, indicating the locations of shipwrecks and other objects remaining on the sea bottom that constitute obstacles for trawling.

In total, Polish and Lithuanian fishermen picked up nearly 22 000 kilo lost fishing nets. That is about 135 kilometers, which is almost equal to the distance from Stockholm to Norrköping.

Number of pages: 39

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